Healthy Eating is a secret of happiness

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dietHealthy Eating is a secret of happiness

In today life people are so busy in their daily work and is not conscious about their diet by the result of this they are losing their health .A unhealthy food is harmful for your health. If you are not taking your meals regularly on time then you become sick and weak..

What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is that diet in which we are taking balance diet which is suggested by dietitians that means we are taking all the vitamins, proteins and all the nutrition in a certain amount that have no side effect on our body and prevent us from all type of disease .A healthy food reflects like a mirror if you will eat healthy food then your mind remain healthy and your thought remain clear. Well friends we should take green vegetables, fruits, pulses, milk and more water in our meals.

Need of water

Water is very essential for us. As we all know that water discharge from our body in many form like sweat ,urine .so we should drink more water for filling the place of loose fluids. But remember one thing also that water should be pure otherwise this effects on our body and born of disease.

Eat healthy live long

If you eat balanced food then you live long life.

Healthy food keeps you active whole day.

It controls your blood pressure, weight and keeps away you from disease.